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Dash -  (Retired)

Dash is a thick English Labrador. She has a huge blocky head and the calm English temperament. She most happy when she's laying next to you or going on a walk. Dash gets mistaken for a male on a regular basis beause of her features. She comes from sound lines and champion stacked pedigree.

Dash Health clearences

OFA Hips Excellent

OFA Elbows normal

OFA Eye cert normal

OFA Cardiac Normal

EIC, CNM, PRA and Dilute Clear.

Dash's health clearences / Pedigree



Lemon is a English built female approx 55-60 lbs, short and stalky. Her name comes from a character on the tv series Heart of Dixie. Lemon was a southern bell who was a main character. 

Lemon or Lemon Drop is a natural retriever and loves to run as fast as she can to catch the ball. Her sire is Barett from Chase Labradors in Tennessee, he is champion pointed and working towards his Champion title. Lemon's pedigree has 4 generations of ALL OFA tested generations. 

Lemon Pedigree


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